Dear Michael,

A short note to advise that I received your new book, "The Foreign Investor's Complete Guide to Buying and Profiting from Australian Real Estate" last month.

I have finished reading (late evenings) and want to thank you for all you have done to assist me with my property portfolio.

In reality I have accumulated my five Australian residential properties and can retire as per your Ultimate Property Strategy (UPS)

I never had your book to assist me with the acquisition of multiple properties but that is what I have achieved as per your strategy.

I met and trusted you. I am a huge believer of strong personal relationships in everything I do, be it private or in business.

It was very satisfying as I read each chapter to remember how I felt as I made each purchase.

I totally relate to your book and in effect have been a student of your knowledge

It gives my family great security of income and peace of mind in the knowledge that I can meet all our financial commitments and sleep well at night knowing that my financial investments are sound.

Kindest regards,


Hong Kong,