A message from the Author, Michael Bentley:

"I would like to sincerely thank all of you who have sent me messages of good wishes, congratulations and appreciation on my first book. THANKS! I am sure you will find my second book to be even better!- Michael Bentley"




Chapter 1  Why Australian  property?

Chapter 2  Will values continue to rise?

Chapter 3 Australia welcomes foreign investors

Chapter 4  A long history of Capital Growth

Chapter 5  How to easily and effectively rent out your Australian property whilst living overseas

Chapter 6  How to buy safely “sight unseen”

Chapter 7  How to pay minimal (or no) tax on your Australian property investments

Chapter 8  Keeping your investment property fully occupied

Chapter 9  The biggest single mistake you can make

Chapter 10  Getting financing and the best types of loans for non-residents

Chapter 11  “Depreciation”: What is it, and why it is important for a Non-Resident  investor

Chapter 12  Buying “off-the plan”

Chapter 13  How to select the best property for investment whilst living overseas

Chapter 14  What type of property is best?

Chapter 15 When to sell?

Chapter 16  What are the advantages in purchasing “off-the-plan”?

Chapter 17  The RISKS

Chapter 18  Strategies to benefit from inflation

Chapter 19  How to Build a Property Portfolio, and retire on Four Australian properties

Chapter 20  How to make 15% return every year