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   Jacqueline, Singapore

"Michael's book is a gem: packing virtually everything an overseas investor needs to know about Australian property, with great insights and nuggets about property investment in general, into one compact and easy to read book.  I was so impressed I immediately ordered another 10 copies for my personal friends and relatives in Malaysia!"

Adrian Hii, Kuala Lumpur

"This is the only real estate book for foreign investors buying in Australia"

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“The Non-Residents Complete Guide to Investing in Australian Real Estate”

How Non-Resident Investors Can Safely Build an Australian Property Portfolio, and Retire on Just Four Australian Properties, and much more....


"A short note to advise that I have finished reading and want to thank you for all you have done to assist me with my property portfolio.

In reality I have accumulated my five Australian residential properties and can retire as per your Ultimate Property Strategy (UPS)"...

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 If you'd like to purchase  a fully rented and profitable Australian property, or a  portfolio of properties, here's your  opportunity to gain "insider" information from a leading expert about how to go about it from overseas.

For the past 30  years, Michael Bentley has been advising clients from all around the world on how to buy Australian properties from his home base in Hong Kong.  And during this time, Michael has seen every type of situation and property available around the country.

Through Michael's  powerful new book, you'll have privileged access to the proprietary knowledge  he has gained over the past 30 years, and has used to advise his private investors.


This is an unprecedented opportunity to attain immediate Australian Property Knowledge and information known to very few.  If you're a overseas investor who wants to call all your own shots regarding your Australian property investments... if you want to own  a small (or large) portfolio of prime property  in Australia  quietly and methodically... if you want to leave an ongoing, high-rental portfolio to your heirs, then you should give this information your undivided attention.


"Michael has such a wealth of knowledge and wisdom concerning Australian property investment that one can never learn enough from him."
Allan T. Singapore, 

   Michael Bentley has written hundreds of articles on investing in Australian Real Estate. 

Over the years, Michael has added to and refined his knowledge and practical experience into a powerful, information packed book that anyone can use to quickly and easily understand the Australian property market.

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 has been released.

The Secret To Being able to invest successfully "Down Under"

  The fact is, owning property is one of the fundamental decisions of life.
 Volumes have been written on the subject over generations.

But not just any property. You see,,some investments are hardly better than bank interest.

 The kind of wealth-building properties we are talking about require expert knowledge to be able to secure.

All right, so how do you find these properties?  — a property you control exclusively, that is always rented, and has strong potential for capital growth and is a cinch to re-sell, and is tax free?

The answer is simple: You need Information.

But Not Just ANY Information

If you have ever attended a property exhibition or a seminar, then most likely you soon realized there is no free lunch...everyone is selling something and all the information you got was "skewed" towards you making a purchase of the presenters product.

 Michael has being doing this for 30 years, and has seen it all. He has nothing to "sell" in this book. There are no apartments to push.

No land for sale. No "student housing" he wants to unload. (as you will read in the book, this is possibly one of the worst investments you could possibly make)

It is an information product, based on years and years of real world, practical experience.

Learn Everything you  Need to Know About Buying Safely, Avoiding Traps, Profiting from Australian Property.

Michael finally decided to put everything he knew into one book, for his clients, to educate them and inform them, to give them the knowledge to continue to make strategic Australian property investments now and into the future. To give them the knowledge to go to an "exhibition" and to KNOW MORE than the average salesperson. Now THAT'S power!

“I totally relate to Michael's book and in effect have been a student of his knowledge" 

This book will will give you everything you need to succeed when buying Australian real estate as a overseas investor, including what Michael calls the "Ultimate Real Estate Strategy,"

The Non-Residents  Guide gives you every detail you need to make profitable investments including information on...

  • When to sell? There is little point in having great properties unless you know how and when to sell to reap profits. 
  • The biggest single mistake you can ever make when investing in Australian property. Some mistakes you can get over. Some can be fixed. Others are complete disasters. Don't make this one.
  •  How to buy safely at an Exhibition. : What the Developers and Agents don't want you to know! Look at the content in Chapter 6 alone:   Michael has personally organised and hosted over 200 property exhibitions overseas...so if anyone should know how to buy at an exhibition, he should. For the first time ever, he reveals in this Chapter exactly what time you should turn up at an exhibtion, exactly what to say in order to get a discount at an Exhibition, and how to know if the price quoted and rental quoted is the market rate.
Again, what we have just given you is merely an overview. But there is much, much more!

What This Unique book Is Really Worth To You

At just $27.97 this book requires a small investment on your part. But take a look at the true value of what you get.

The information you get is of the highest quality. Quite simply, this information is your most direct route to guaranteed success in this market. Information is packed into 20 Chapters. By reading 2 Chapters a day, within 10 days you can have all the information you will EVER need to make profitable Australian Property Investments. 

But the real value comes from knowing you'll finally have the ability to go to any seminar, exhibition or Australian property promotion and know what to look for, know the questions to ask, to know when all is "not as it seems", and be able to walk away without being "stung."

And that, dear investor, is truly invaluable.

The ultimate information resource for all Non-Resident, Expatriate and Foreign Buyers looking to purchase a single property, or to  establish a portfolio of investment properties in Australia.

Price just AUD$27.97 (plus AUD$7.70 postage and handling)

ISBN 978-988-12355-1-0

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